Friday, September 16, 2011

Mouse Shapes

We recently checked this book out from the library, and have read it several times already.  We were first introduced to these mice in "Mouse Paint", a short little story about three mice who paint with their feet and mix colors while trying to hide from a cat.  Amelia already knows her colors and understands basic color mixing, but she still sometimes requests this book because it has a cute story.  Anyway, I thought she would like this book, too, and I was right.

After reading this book to Amelia, it occurred to me that it would be fun and easy to make related art projects (I love to tie art projects in with books).  Amelia first wanted to make one of the scary mice from the book.  So, I cut a few shapes out of construction paper, and she glued them on a sheet of white paper.  She liked it so much that she wanted to make more scary mice the next day.  Here's her best mouse:

Isn't cross-eyed Fred a cutie? She had a few choices of colors and sizes, and these are what she chose (I do not know why Fred has one blue and one orange arm.  Who can fathom the mind of a 3 year old?)

Here are the scary mice in the book, so you can see what Fred was modeled after:

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