Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Schuster's Playtime Farm

While Jeff and Jane were here, we went to Schuster's Playtime Farm.  It was opening weekend for their fall season, but there were hardly any people there.  The weather was perfect, and everyone had a great time.

We got there right as the pig races were starting:

Wait a minute, you say, those don't look like pigs!  Amelia thought it was pretty funny that ducks were racing.  Both girls liked to watch the pigs running on the track; since it was the opening weekend, the pigs didn't really understand what they were supposed to do, and they kept stopping to eat the grass or to run backwards.  It was pretty cute.  Here are the girls watching the real pigs racing:

They had all these neat wooden play structures, including an ark with a slide, and a fort with a sandbox in the middle.  Here's Megan trying to crawl up the sloping floor of the fort.  She liked to explore, but then thought she could turn around and slide down.  Good thing Grandma was keeping a close eye on her!

Megan discovered a pumpkin cutout.  Here's my sweet punkin' pie!

Ben got to shoot a small pumpkin cannon:

Megan loved the corn bin.  She helped us bury her legs in corn kernels and then tried to find her toes.  Amelia wasn't as thrilled with the corn bin this time - but she did play long enough that we found corn kernels in her underpants when we got home.

Amelia's favorite thing was the jumping pillow.  She and Ben had it to themselves for at least 20 minutes, and they jumped and jumped and jumped.  Megan got to try it out for a few minutes at the end, and she thought it was fun, too.

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