Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sun Catcher

Amelia made a sun catcher two weeks ago,and it is finally dry enough to hang in the window.  I cut the bottom off a clear plastic brownie container, leaving a 1/4" rim.  Then I let Amelia fill it with regular Elmer's glue.  She had fun drawing pictures with the glue.  Here is her picture of a ghost with arms and legs:

Then I pulled out the beads, sequins, and glitter and let her go to town adding sparklies to the glue.

Then, let it dry for 14 days on top of the fridge, punch a whole, and hang it in the window.  It did dry mostly clear, and the color leached out of some of the big sequins, but it looks really cool.  Of course, since it took so long to dry, Amelia had pretty much forgotten about it.

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  1. I remember seeing this post a while ago and thinking I want to see the completed sun catcher after it dried.