Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apple Picking.... Again

We went apple picking again on Saturday so that Ben could come with us.  He wanted to buy unpasteurized no-preservatives apple cider to make hard cider, so we went to Deer Creek Orchard, which David had recommended to us.  In addition to apples, they have pick-your-own raspberries.  Ben and Amelia went to pick out a picnic table by the pond, and Megan and I went to pick a few raspberries to eat with lunch.  I held Megan and the little basket in one hand, and picked raspberries with the other.  After a few minutes picking, I thought maybe I had enough to eat with lunch, so I looked over at my basket and realized it was completely empty.  And then I looked at Megan:

Yes, Megan had been eating the raspberries out of my basket as fast as I could pick them.  So, I handed her off to Ben and picked a few more.  The raspberries were the highlight of our picnic lunch:

I did go back and pick a basketful to buy and take home, and the girls enjoyed eating them the next few days.  We will definitely have to go back to pick raspberries again next year.  We also picked three kinds of apples: Empire, Cortland and Greening.  Amelia had fun picking apples from the low branches.  Megan had a good time picking apples off the ground (we didn't take any of those home, because they charged $0.70/lb for dropped apples and I thought that was too expensive.)

But the highlight of the trip for the girls was feeding the sheep.  We pulled up long blades of grass, and the girls could feed the sheep through the fence. Both Amelia and Megan loved this!  Megan is such an animal lover, and even Amelia wasn't hesitant about this.

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