Monday, September 5, 2011

Art Project - Fail!

It seemed like Thursday would be the last hot day of summer, so I thought we'd try melting crayons outside.  TOTAL FAIL!  Here are the crayons after two hours outside in the afternoon sun on a 93F day:

I'd read about someone who tried this on a 105F day, and the crayons melted in about 20 minutes and looked really cool.  Guess it wasn't hot enough here (thankfully!)  Maybe it would work for you, Kim?

Anyway, we turned this project into a little science experiment - which melts faster: ice or crayons?  That was a success!  Turns out ice melts a lot faster than crayons.  Amelia and Megan loved playing with the melting ice cubes.  We used the ice cubes to draw on the driveway, and noticed how fast the drawings disappeared in the hot sun.  Then the girls made handprints and footprints with the cold water.  And then, of course, they tried to drink the water out of the bowl like cats.  What goofs.

So all in all, a fun afternoon.  But now I have to think of what to do with a bowl of tiny crayon pieces. 


  1. Yes, I think Amelia has good enough fine motor control and mature enough judgment to be able to use a blowtorch.

    I was thinking this would work with a hair dryer, but of course she's afraid of those. Come to think of it, she'd probably be terrified of a blowtorch.