Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Door County Vacation - the first two days

We had a wonderful time on vacation with Jeff and Jane. You've probably already seen some of the really beautiful fall colors or sunset photos that Ben and Jeff took during the trip, but I thought I would share photos of the girls and what they enjoyed the best.

When we told Megan it was time to get in the car, this is where she went:

Too bad, Megan, I don't think your Flintstones car will make it all the way to Door County!

Megan was not a great traveler this trip.  I had brought all different kinds of toys and books that I thought she would enjoy playing with, but she had the attention span of, well, a 14 month old baby, and each toy lasted only 7 seconds (or so it seemed to me).  And to make things even more fun, she is going through a shrieking stage, and would give a blood-curdling yell when she was ready for a new toy to play with.  When we got out of the car, Jeff snapped a photo of all the toys she had thrown over the side of the car seat:

I imagine she'll be a better traveler when we can turn her forward facing, but I am trying to hold out as long as possible.  Too bad the AAP couldn't have waited another year to come out with their guidelines on rear-facing-until-age-2.  It was interesting that she was so much more impatient and shrieky when I was sitting next to her versus when she is sitting in the backseat with only Amelia for company.

We rented a two bedroom condo, which really worked out well.  We cooked a lot of dinners in the condo so that we didn't have to eat out so much, and so that the girls could have a quiet early dinner before bedtime.  Megan wasn't very interested in eating dinner most nights, and decided that she was going to hide her peas in her belly button instead of eating them.  How creative!

Because of the terrible windstorm that hit Door County a few days prior to our arrival, all the state parks in the county were closed for the first few days of our vacation due to downed trees.  So instead of hiking in Peninsula State Park as planned, we did some hiking in Ellison Bluff State Natural Area (which was open).  Amelia and Megan loved climbing onto and jumping off of the big rocks that lined the parking area.

Here is how Amelia hikes:

Here is how Megan hikes:

Ha ha!  Megan was actually a pretty good walker, but was easily distracted by things on the ground.  Like rocks.  I ended our hike with a pocket full of rocks, pine cones, leaves, and twigs.  She was pretty good about not putting things in her mouth, though.

Our condo had an indoor swimming pool, which we used twice.  Megan loved to be in the water, splashing and kicking and getting thrown into the air.  She got cold pretty quickly, though, and had to get out to snuggle with Grandpa in a towel.

Amelia took a while to warm up to being in a pool, as I expected.  She played happily enough in the kiddie pool, but was reluctant to go down the slide at first.  Once I pushed her down the slide into Grandma's waiting arms, she realized it was fun (of course) and didn't want to stop going down the slide.  When we took her into the big pool, though, she clung like a limpet to the person holding on to her.  (By the way, I've never used the expression "clung like a limpet" before and decided to look it up to make sure I knew what a limpet was.  If you're curious, it's "any of numerous marine gastropod mollusks".  Consider that your word of the day.  You're welcome.)

We had Halloween Oreos as a treat after dinner, and Megan was being a goof:

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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