Sunday, October 23, 2011

Door County Vacation - Saturday

We spent the morning at Whitefish Dunes State Park, where it was pretty windy and chilly.  The waves were really crashing on the beach (at least, crashing for Lake Michigan).  So, the girls stayed dry!  We played with the sand on the beach and made a sand castle and a sand turtle.  And we found part of a jawbone from some kind of animal - the ranger thought it could be either a small deer or a fish.  Wouldn't you think those animal's jawbones would look pretty dissimilar?  Megan had fun playing with Grandpa and trying to put her fingers in his nose.  She is excited that she can find noses now, and sometimes gets a little carried away.

For lunch we went to PC Junction, which I would definitely recommend if you are in Door County with kids.  We had to wait for our table, so we played outside.  They had a kind of go-kart track, but Amelia wasn't quite big enough to pedal them by herself, so we grabbed a family jeep, and drove her around.  It was really fun, although hard to steer!  They also had a large wooden train, which Amelia loved.

But the best part of this restaurant was inside - we sat at a bar, and a train delivered our food!  Our stop was Fish Creek, and the cook would shout out "Next Stop, Fish Creek" and then the train would stop in front of us, and we could take our food off.  The girls thought this was so fun!  Here we are getting our food:

When the train wasn't busy delivering food, the waitresses would put silly singing stuffed animals or a bubble blower on it.  It pretty much ran around the bar all the time.  Megan was fascinated, and stood on my lap the entire time trying to touch the engine.  I don't think she ate anything.

Amelia still talks about how much fun she had at the train restaurant.

And then we drove home.  Sad day.  Megan was a better traveler; I ignored her until she fell asleep.  She only slept for 40 minutes, but then it was just about time to stop and get an ice cream treat at Culver's . So I just had to entertain her the last half of the trip, and I had plenty of toys for that.  Her favorite toy was the little Buzz Lightyear than Jane had brought.  Who would have thought?

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