Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Door County Vacation - Wednesday

Okay, I'll have to apologize in advance for all the photos in this post, but there were so many good ones because we had such a fantastic day!  You can just skim them quickly.  :)

Our condo complex had a beautiful walking trail that we took advantage of as often as we could.  On Wednesday, we ventured off the condo trail and onto the snowmobile trail and walked really quite a long ways, at least for a toddler and a preschooler.  We taught Amelia to make arrows in the dirt on the trail to show those behind us which direction we had taken.  She enjoyed going exploring, and getting to choose the trails that we would take.  Megan needed lots of "power assists" and got carried most of the way, but I think she had fun, too.
We went to Schoep's Dairy Farm for lunch, because they claimed to have the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Door County.  We were disappointed to find out that their grilled cheese was made with white bread and American cheese.  Really?  American cheese makes the best grilled cheese?  In WISCONSIN?  At a DAIRY FARM?  These people were crazy.

But, crazy or not, they had a fun little farm.  Amelia really liked going down the ice cream slide and playing in the hay bale maze (although it was a little too easy to cheat - it was only one hay bale high.)  We also looked at the animals, because Megan loves to see animals up close.  And then inside, they had a milking parlor with a glass viewing area, so we watched some cows getting milked.  It was really neat, I have never seen that before!  When I asked Amelia what her favorite part of the day was, she said "When one of the cows peed!"  Here is a photo of Amelia hugging the great big cow.

We went into town to eat lunch (no way were we having grilled cheese sandwiches with American cheese) and then we got ice cream for a treat.  Jeff's favorite part of the day was sharing his ice cream with two cute baby birds:

Then after naptime we went to Fish Creek Beach to play in the sand.  The girls had a blast playing with their shovels and buckets, and of course, they were completely soaked again by the time we left.  I think I took the three photos below.  Jeff, you will notice that I cropped you out of them.  Ha ha!

And for sunset, we went to the aptly named Sunset Beach.  We lucked into a beautiful sunset, and I asked Ben to take some silhouette photos.  I think they turned out amazing!  The first one is me getting ready to toss Megan into the air (she loves that!) and the second is our family waving good night to the sun.


  1. I like all the pictures-especially the one of you and Ben walking with Megan and the sunset photos!

  2. I am very appreciative of your cropping decisions :)

  3. The silhouette pictures are amazing! What a fun trip!