Saturday, October 22, 2011

Door County Vacation - Thursday & Friday

You're probably tired of hearing about our vacation already, but I only have a few days left!

On Thursday, the Door County state parks were finally open again after the terrible windstorm they had had the previous week that resulted in a lot of downed trees.  We drove through Peninsula State Park, saw the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and stopped at Nicolet Bay Beach so that the girls could, once again, play in the sand and get all wet.  This time, I was smart enough to take Megan's overalls off before she waded in the water, but I didn't bring a clean shirt.  So she ate our picnic lunch wearing just her overalls.  With her four little uneven front teeth and her overalls, we called her a cute little redneck baby.

That evening we went back to Peninsula State Park to watch the sunset.  While Ben and Jeff took pictures, the girls played with the rocks.  Amelia liked to throw the rocks in the water and listen to the different sounds they made "Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk."  It was another beautiful sunset, but my favorite photo is this one of Megan and I snuggling in the cool weather.

On Friday, we went to the playground and the beach in Sister Bay, and this time I was finally prepared!  I brought a complete change of clothes for Megan.  And as you can see, she needed it!  We built a sand castle with a moat and a rock tower, although the sand eroded pretty quickly when Amelia poured the water meant for the moat right over the castle.  Oops!  True to form, Megan liked to destroy our castles before we could get them finished.  Amelia and I had fun dropping rocks off the pier.

After talking about my girls getting soaked at the beach four days in a row, I feel like I need to point out that the weather was beautiful for October (65 - 70 most days) but it wasn't warm enough to wear bathing suits or really to get in the water at all.  But Megan  loved it anyway!

Oh, and one of our favorite things to look for was the goats on the roof of Al Johnson's Swedish restaurant  We ate at the restaurant earlier in the week, and Amelia thought it was a riot that there were goats on the roof eating the grass.  Although she was quick to point out that you couldn't hear them from inside the restaurant.  Every time we drove past, we had to look for the goats again.

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