Monday, October 10, 2011

Penguin Hat

On vacation, Jane and I went to a store in Fish Creek that sells all kinds of different hats.  I was looking for a sun hat to wear while hiking but didn't find anything that would provide adequate shade and also stay on my head.  Well, except for a cute very wide-brimmed sun hat that made me feel like I should also be wearing a hoop skirt.  But that's not the point.  The point is that the hat store had all these really fun knitted or crocheted monster hats for adults, and Jane and I kept wondering why they didn't make these adorable hats for kids.  I would love for Amelia and Megan to have fun silly animal hats this winter.  So when I got home, I thought I would try to make one.  And because Natalie is going to be a penguin this year for Halloween, and Becky has no idea how she is going to make the head part of Natalie's costume, and I saw a super cute penguin hat on etsy to provide the inspiration, I decided to crochet my very own penguin hat:

Isn't my hat model just the cutest thing ever?  But that's not the point, either.  The point is, Becky, that you can have this hat for Natalie's penguin costume, if you would like it, you just have to let me know.  And if you want it, I could even fix the eye on the right so that it doesn't look so crooked (although I swear it looks straight when you just look at the hat by itself - maybe Amelia was pulling on it or something.)

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