Monday, October 17, 2011

Door County Vacation - Tuesday

All right, Ben has finished loading his photos onto the computer, so I can get back to our vacation.  Oh, and these pictures were taken mostly by Jeff and Ben, so thanks to them for the great photos!

The next day we took the ferry to Washington Island.  It was the first time Megan and Amelia had been on a boat, and Megan loved it!  She wanted to look over the railing at the water, and I had to hold on pretty tight because she seemed determined to reach it.  Then she wanted to explore the ferry, and we were kept busy helping her walk laps around the boat.  Amelia wanted nothing more than to sit on Grandma's lap at first and watch the water from a distance, but on the return ferry, she did venture away from the safety of Grandma's lap to look at the water. 

Our favorite part of Washington Island was Schoolhouse Beach, which has beautiful pebbles instead of sand.  Amelia made towers and Megan destroyed them.  Jeff even made an arch!  We looked at all the different shaped rocks - we found circle, squares and triangles.  The water was perfectly clear, and the underwater rocks were beautiful!  The girls both enjoyed throwing rocks in the water, although once again, I had to hold onto Megan to make sure she didn't go headfirst into the water.  I didn't do very well, because she was soaking by the time we left the beach.  I hadn't brought a change of clothes, so she had to wear her extra fleece jacket as pants the rest of the day. 


We also toured the farm, where Amelia and Dinah (the cat) got to ride a wooden horse.  The farm had some pretty chickens that Amelia got to feed, but otherwise it was mostly displays of old equipment that the girls were not very interested in.

Finally, we climbed the lookout tower (Amelia and Grandma counted 193 steps!)  and had a great view of the gorgeous fall trees.  Jeff and Jane always try to take a photo of their feet somewhere scenic on vacation, and Amelia wanted to get her feet in the shot, too.

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  1. I like the picture of you holding Megan back by her pants. She seems kind of fearless :)