Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Megan's new expression

Megan has just started making this very funny face:

I think she likes the mohawk look.

I gave her a bath yesterday while Amelia was in preschool, and she loved having the whole tub to herself and getting to splash as much as she wanted to.

I am trying to get her to talk more, and it's working a little.  She now regularly says the following words: up, done, down, fruit, boon (balloon), poop; she has occasionally said: mama, dada; she makes the following animal sounds: baa (sheep), baw (chicken), woofwoofwoofwoof (puppy), urrhh (elephant, complete with hand motion).  And she says shhh with her finger on her mouth.  I think that's pretty good for 15 months, don't you?

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