Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fire Department Open House

Amelia, Megan and I went to the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department Open House today after church and it was packed.  We ran into two of my friends from playgroup, so we got to eat lunch with their families.  It's nice to live in a small town.  :)

Amelia got to wear a fireman's helmet, drive an antique fire truck, walk inside a new fire truck, and use a fireman's hose to knock down some bowling pins.  Plus, she got to eat a hot dog, bun, chips, a chocolate chip cookie AND cotton candy for lunch.  She had never had cotton candy before, and wasn't too sure about the first bite, but then said "Yum, yum, YUM!"  So I think she is a fan.  But the highlight of her day was getting... wait for it.... a red helium balloon!  I swear, instead of having a party for her next birthday, I'm going to take her to the dollar store and let her pick out a helium balloon.  She'll be just as happy.

Poor Megan did not have a great time.  She was tired and wanted to run around and play with her helium balloon.  She did not want to look at fire trucks and be stuck in Mommy's arms the whole time.  She didn't even like the cotton candy. 

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  1. Looks like you had fun! I need to post my fire house pictures too.