Monday, August 20, 2012

Corn Fest

We went to Sun Prairie's Corn Fest for lunch on Sunday.  Amelia was excited that we got to go again this year; she had been disappointed that we were going to miss it.  Because Ben was here this year, we got a tote of corn (12 ears) since it was cheaper than buying 4 ears.  Ben ate two huge ears, I ate two medium sized ears, Amelia ate two small ears, and Megan had a few bites of one ear.  (I had to point out the size of the ears, because Ben was insulted when I told him that Amelia ate just as much corn as he did.)  We sat on the grass and ate our corn while we watched a unicycle riding juggler.  He was pretty fun; we got to see him ride a unicycle with a child sitting on his shoulders (Amelia did NOT want to volunteer for that!) and we saw him juggle flaming clubs.


Then we went to the petting zoo where the girls got to pat a few rabbits.  And finally we went to the bouncy house, although the girls only wanted to play in the toddler bouncy house, not the larger bouncy obstacle course.  Amelia had a lot of fun doing seat drops on the little slide.

We did not ride on any of the carnival rides because they charged $3 per person per ride, and Ben would have had to ride with Megan because she wasn't tall enough to ride by herself.  We decided $9 per ride was way too steep.  So I hope the girls like rides when we go to Santa's Village with Becky this week.

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