Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Ben!

This year, Ben got an oreo cake for his birthday: a very chocolatey cake with a sweet oreo frosting.  It was very tasty.  Amelia put the candles on the cake, and she chose to put on three candles and then three more candles, which makes sense when you realize that Ben turned 33.  We all wore our party hats and sang happy birthday, and then the girls helped blow out the candles.  I am including a very similar photo from last year, so that you can see how much Megan has grown up.

When I asked Megan what she wanted for breakfast this morning, she said "Oreo".  Unfortunately, they had to eat leftover whole wheat pancakes instead.

On a completely unrelated note, Megan is starting to talk in sentences.  While I've been typing this post, she has been asking me to peel off ocean animal stickers for her, and when I handed her a shark sticker, we had the following conversation:

Megan:  Shark eat you all up.
Me: What would you do if a shark tried to eat you all up?
Megan: Run. Run. Run away.
Me: What if the shark kept chasing you?
Megan: (say) NO.  Turn back, shark.

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