Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Track & Field - Sprinting and Discus

Runners, take your mark:

Get set..... GO!

Becky thinks these should be motivational posters saying something like "Don't be afraid to go your own way."  Every time I look at them, I laugh out loud.  Natalie sure has her own strong opinions!

We did finally get everybody to line up together at the starting line.  Isn't it interesting to observe all the different starting positions?

But then we had a false start:

Finally, all the runners are running in the same direction!

And Amelia is the winner!  In an interview with the victor after her win, she stated that she probably won because she is the oldest.  Astute girl.

Everybody got several chances to run through the finish line ribbon, and it was so fun to see how they all approached it.  The first time, Amelia stopped and refused to run through the ribbon.  The finish line official (Becky) had to show her that it was okay by breaking the ribbon then retying it, then finally Amelia would run through.  Natalie and Noah both made faces when they broke through the ribbon.  And Megan simply went underneath it.

Next up was the discus.  Natalie was not a very willing participant, maybe because she had spent the last few minutes in time out because she ran through Noah's finish line ribbon.

Amelia was excited to participate, and had her twirly windup down pat.  But alas, she always released the discus too early so that it ended up behind the line instead of in front.

Noah won this event, because his was the only discus to end up in front of the line.  He threw it probably 10 feet.

On to the medal ceremonies....  Amelia  was pleased to receive a medal for sprinting, although she wasn't excited to listen to the very long national anthem.

Noah, on the other hand, was very happy to shake hands with the medal official and pose for a photo:

He had to share his national anthem with Megan, so we will see photos of that tomorrow.

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  1. I still laugh and laugh at that picture of the first starting line. I may need to frame that one so it can make me laugh all the time!