Friday, August 17, 2012

Gymnastics - Balance Beam, Trampoline & Uneven Bars

Amelia insisted that we have a balance beam competition, because she loved the balance beam at her tumbling class.  Of course we were going to have one anyway, but it was nice that she was so excited about participating in that event.  She was definitely the most proficient at the balance beam; she did little jumps and even walked sideways, and used her airplane arms to help herself balance.  Here is her jumping dismount (she managed to stick the landing nicely):

Megan also was able to walk across the beam by herself, and she even managed to squat on the beam and get back up without losing her balance.  That move got bonus points with the very generous Norwegian and German judges, which is why Megan medaled in this event.

Natalie walked across the beam herself once, and held Becky's hand a second time.  Noah created a new event called one footed balance beam, where he kept one foot on the ground.  He was enthusiastic, though!

We went to the open gym at Cheer WI so that the kids could run around; as always, they loved the trampoline! 

Amelia and Noah were also excited to try doing somersaults on the uneven bars.  Amelia needed a boost to get up to the high bar, but then she was fine somersaulting and landing on the ground.  Noah could get on the low bar himself, but he tended to let go once he was upside down, so he definitely needed a spotter to make sure he didn't land on his head (too many times).

Becky thought Natalie would be great on the bar because she seems to have good upper body strength, but she must not have been very interested, because this is what happened when Becky tried to help her:

Becky also tried to help her do a forward roll down the incline mat, and this is what happened:

I tell you, that girl makes me laugh!

Amelia and Noah also invented a new Olympic sport: synchronized uneven bars.  I think it would be really fun to watch!

Stay tuned for relay races tomorrow!

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