Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Ribbon rhythmic gymnastics was a big hit with the kids.  Here's Amelia wearing her gymnastics outfit performing to "Day-O, The Banana Boat Song":

Unfortunately, we don't remember the song that Noah performed to, but he was the first contestant to include somersaults in his routine, which earned him bonus points from the judges.  He also showed good use of spirit fingers, and was able to make circles with his ribbon:

Natalie chose to perform to "Down By the Station".  She incorporated a lot of sideways rolls and floor moves in her routine.

And of course Megan wanted to dance to "Jingle Bells".  Megan was so cute, she spun around in circles with her ribbon, then would get super dizzy and fall down.  She thought it was so much fun!

The judges generally gave high scores to all the contestants:

But the Ukrainian judge was always too harsh:

We decided that Megan received the overall highest scores, for enthusiasm and endurance:

Then all competitors participated in an exhibition:

Next we played a little volleyball, but it was a hard event to photograph:

And finally, the medal ceremonies!  Here's Megan receiving her medal for rhythmic gymnastics:

She shared the podium with Noah during the national anthem:

And then Natalie received her medal for volleyball.  She treated the occasion with the solemnity that it deserved.

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