Saturday, August 18, 2012

Relays and the Closing Ceremonies

On Wednesday morning, we tried a relay running race.  Amelia was the lead off runner:

She passed the baton to Megan, who ran enthusiastically down the sidewalk...

...and passed the baton to Noah.  Their handoff was a little slow, but at least they have the right idea.  :)

Noah ran quickly across the front yard to Natalie...

...but then tried a new handoff technique which could have used a little more work:

And Natalie ran to the finish line, winning the United States team their first team medal of these Olympic games!

Since the sprinting relay was such a success, and Natalie had been requesting more cycling events, we decided to invent a new event - the cycling relay!  During the first race, Amelia tried to get Noah to stop and hand off the tricycle to her, but he wanted to keep going.  But once the kids understood the idea, they had a great time.  Noah must have been exhausted after his first leg, because he needed to sit down and rest before the next leg.  It's hard work competing in two relay events in the same morning!


Megan didn't participate for very long, since her legs are a little short to pedal the tricycle herself for very long.  Instead, she picked flowers and hugged a tree.  Isn't she cute?

Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo of the entire relay team together, because Natalie was being a bit of a cranky pants.  But here are the three happy members of the team congratulating each other:

Then Natalie came back happy and we were able to get photos of all the kids with all their medals:


And finally, the Weidner victors thanked their mother for all her support:

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