Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Self" Painting

Wednesday of this week, the girls and I needed to do something fun and silly.  I asked them if they wanted to paint, and they said yes.  Then I asked them what we should paint, and Megan said "self".  So that's what we did:

Here is Amelia painting my foot:

And here is Amelia painting her own foot:

She's good at balancing, isn't she?  I was surprised by how much they enjoyed it, since they generally don't like fingerpainting or getting their hands messy.  But they had a fabulous time!  We took a bath right after we were done, and I had to empty the tub halfway through and run clean water because the water was pink.  Then I had to wash the dining room floor.  But it was worth it.  :)

Oh, Megan started referring to herself by name this weekend.  She calls herself  "Mada".  Amelia was the one who figured out what that meant; she is great at interpreting Megan-speak on the rare occasion when I can't figure out what Megan is saying.  Megan also started using "you" and "your", but generally uses them to refer to herself, like "your room" means "Megan's room".  And if you hadn't heard, she calls Amelia "Mela" which is so cute.


  1. Wow, you are brave! I don't think I would let N2 get that messy inside. Outside, sure but I don't think inside. Looks like they did a great job of painting themselves!

  2. How to become a piece of art... That was your first performance !!! An artist is born, ladies and gentlemen...