Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shotput, Hurdles, Basketball and Cycling

The shotput was a little more successful than the discus, because Amelia, Natalie and Noah all managed to get the ball over the starting line.  I think Noah's form is showing a lot of promise.  And you can tell by Amelia's face that she put a lot of effort into her throw. 

The hurdles were hilarious - the kids all loved jumping over the blocks, so much so that Noah wanted to run through them while we were setting them up between races.  Amelia was definitely the fastest hurdle runner, even while wearing a dress.  But Natalie and Noah had such great form that I'm sure they will challenge her in the next summer Olympics when they'll all be more similar in height.

We played basketball for maybe three minutes; both Natalie and Megan made a basket.  Megan is tall for her age (36 1/4" tall, which is 93% for her age), and is already taking advantage of her height to practice slam dunking.

Natalie was clearly the fastest and most determined cyclist of all the kids.  The end of the course went up a hill, and she was the only one who could pedal straight up the hill without stopping.  The kids had so much fun riding the tricycle that we repeated the race a few times, and Natalie was always the best.


Natalie, Amelia and Megan had a good time cheering for Noah when he was nearing the finish line.  What good sportsmanship!

And of course we had medal ceremonies again!  We had to fudge the results a little bit so that everyone could get a medal.  Amelia won the hurdles, Natalie won the cycling, and I believe that we said Megan got a medal for balance beam (photos tomorrow) and Noah for shotput.  (Becky corrected me to say that Noah won his gold medal for the race walk we did on the way to play at the park.)   I love the last photos of Natalie!

Everyone was very excited to receive their medals, and this time we were smart and had them all stand on the podium at the same time while we sang the national anthem.  I think this may be the best photo of the four kids together that we've ever taken!

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  1. That is a really good picture of all 4 kids! Wow! BTW, Noah got his medal for the race walk to the park! You got great hurdle pictures!