Sunday, August 19, 2012

Other Olympic Activities

To give the kids a break from all the sports competitions, we did several Olympic themed crafts.  In addition to the toilet paper tube torches that were used during the opening ceremonies, we painted fireworks with koosh balls.  Only Becky was able to make her painting look like fireworks, but everyone else had fun just exploring the new painting technique and mixing colors.  Megan was a little tentative, because she didn't want to get paint on her hands, but she did enjoy it.

I wish I had taken photos of everyone's finished paintings, because Natalie really had some interesting color mixing in hers.  But I didn't, so here are Amelia and Megan's best paintings:

We also had Olympic ring themed breakfasts both days; bagels with honey nut cream cheese and different colored fruit topping.

The kids could pick which kind of fruit they wanted, although we had to add dried cherries to Noah's strawberry jam bagel and call it a ladybug bagel before he would consent to eat it.  And I was happy to know that my girls would eat bagels with cream cheese; I think Natalie and Noah are a good influence in the eating combined foods arena.


Finally, we painted Olympic rings using pool noodle sections and toilet paper tubes.  The pool noodle rings sounded like a good idea, but the paint glopped on them so much that they often looked like solid circles instead of rings.  But the kids didn't care!  I think they liked painting with the toilet paper tubes better anyway, because they could stamp so many more circles on the paper.


  1. I'll post my kids' artwork. I took pictures of them.

  2. How creative you are, dear cousin!! I LOVED looking through all your Olympic events. What a fun weekend! I enjoyed reading all your commentaries about what was happening on the sidelines, too. Wished we lived closer to you and could jump in on your fun activities. We'll just have to settle for stealing all your creative ideas when our boys are old enough. :)