Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Photos from my Phone

Amelia had a great time at vacation bible school this past week.  She said her favorite thing was the art projects, and next was the bible stories.  She was said when it was over on Thursday, and wanted to go back again the next week.  On the last day, all the kids got up in front of the church and sang the songs they had learned during the week and did all the corresponding actions.  I was worried that Amelia would be too shy to participate, but she stood in the front row with the rest of her class and had a great time performing!  Here she is singing "God's Promise Is Forever" (the action is for the words "it will never change"):

Here she is signing "promise is forever" and you can tell that she is enjoying herself:

You can see Cooper the dog in the back row - the kids all loved to see Cooper and give him hugs and high fives.  I had volunteered to be the teacher for the 4-year-old class, and boy howdy I have a new found appreciation for preschool teachers.  I had 8 kids, including three kids from Amelia's preschool class, and it was exhausting to try to keep them following directions all morning.  But I think everybody had a good time!

Last weekend we went to our first Mallards game.  We had a really fun time, and it was pretty inexpensive, sine the girls got free tickets for finishing the summer reading program at the library.  I was impressed with the food selection at the stadium (and kids' hot dogs were only $1.50!) and I thought it was funny that the spirit girls threw out packages of cheese curds between innings.  Only in Wisconsin....  Amelia and Megan's favorite part was eating cotton candy.  Megan wasn't sure she wanted to try it at first, but as soon as she did, she wanted more!

My girls love to sit on the big red balls outside our Target.  I don't know why, but they always ask if they can climb on them:

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  1. Natalie LOVES to sit on the big red balls at Target too. She always needs to climb one them.