Monday, August 13, 2012

The Opening Ceremonies

Here's the parade of nations (although only one nation is represented):

They did NOT want to stay behind the flag bearer (American legend 6-time Olympic gold medalist in cross-bow and 3-time Olympic silver medalist in trampoline, Becky Weidner) so we had a very free form parade.

The older kids had made their own torches earlier, so next we had the torch relay around our house.  Following the lead of the British, we had four kids each running with their own torch.

When it was time to light the torch, we were down to only three torch bearers (Megan is awfully slow at running compared to the older kids)

But she finally got there:


  1. Aw, Meggers! It's hard to have the shortest legs in the family.

  2. I'm so behind on your blog I got to enjoy ALL of your Olympic events backwards in one sitting! I've been cracking up at your funny comments and some of the hilarious pictures (especially the ones of the kids on the starting line). What wonderful ideas!! Looks like all of the cousins had a great time! Someday we'll have to have an extended-family reunion and have some competitions for all the second cousins. :) Way to go, Marcie and Becky! You're so clever!